I enjoy learning and teaching. This has led me to…

  • Move to Shanghai, China
  • Help cool people build simple, professional looking websites.
  • Create products that inspire and equip you to do something extraordinary.
  • and more….

This site is where I collect and share what learn during my journey.

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Voices in My Head

We all have voices in our head. Yes, even if you think you don’t – you still do. This is not the sixth sense type of voice coming from a ghost. I’m talking about the inner chatter that goes one when it is time to perform.

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Is Amazon Affiliates Worth the Effort?

Have You Tried Amazon Affiliates? Amazon has a program  called Amazon Associates. This program allows anyone to link to Amazon products. When a visitor clicks this link and buys something on Amazon, you get a commission. How much is the commission? Around 3%. This is...

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Why I dove in to divi theme head first

I’ve been lost in the abyss of theme searching. There are so many options to choose from. As soon as I feel like I’ve found the right theme for me, I give it a try. I take on the project of rebuilding my website with the new theme. I’ve gone through: Salient Theme...

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ParisALaw.com is now Parislaw.net

I'm finally ready to make the move to parislaw.net. There is a logic behind the madness. Why switch It was harder for people to remember parisalaw.com. For some reason the a in the middle was throwing people off. Having my first and last name together will make it...

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The one thing that keeps you from publishing your content.

I know that you have good intentions for your website. There is a special message that you want to share with the world. Helping students expand their horizons is a noble cause. Inspiring friends to put down the coke can, get off the couch and come visit Asia is worth...

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