About Paris

“Paris has the instinctive ability to see your company’s vision, connect with it, and innovatively take it and the projects he’s responsible for to next level of optimal performance.”

WordPress. Training. Teaching.

My 15+ years studying human potential and leadership has helped me learn how to navigate complex situations and come out with simple, practical solutions that have a creative twist. That is probably why people say I am an “out-of-the-box thinker” and “creative leader.”

I try to make use of my powers of intuitive listening and powerful questioning to have clients saying things like, “I left with more confidence, a new coaching plan, and basic steps that I could take immediately to up my game.” That’s my mission.

I happen to do websites and digital products really well, but I will be in the business of empowering people, always.

My Working Principles

  • Focus forward toward Christ  – this brings me joy and produces better work.
  • Be useful, generous and simply grateful
  • What you do is not as important as how you do it
  • When you wake up is not as important as how you wake up
  • Carrot cake and pancakes are a blessing and a curse
  • Drinking good tea is awesome. Simplicity.

My Story

Short answer

I’m a Senior Culture Coach at Clevertech, currently working from Dubai, UAE. I am married and have a one year old son.

Longer answer

WordPress. I learned WordPress website building in my spare time. I was given the opportunity to setup and manage a digital marketing program for one of my past companies. This is when I started learning more about blogging and web design on a professional level.When I lost my job in 2015, I started building websites professionally.

Now, I teach others to use WordPress and Create content strategies for their business or blog.

Create. I create a range of products that help empower others.

Teach. I work with an after-school educational company, called Storyland, where I help inspire the imagination and creativity of children through stories. I’m currently serving as their head teacher.

Train. In addition to teaching kids, I also work with adults – creative professionals to be specific. I create digital products that help people navigate life and technology better.

Previously. I spent 10 years delivering and managing training programs in the corporate and higher education settings. Over the years I’ve worked with clients from all levels and backgrounds. I have a number of training programs and seminars.

Throughout all my jobs, I’ve love the moments I am able to learn and share with others to bring out the their best.

Oh yea, I also like carrot cake, tea and taking walks.