Content Accelerator Toolkit

Struggling to push out content week after week? Grab this Content Accelerator toolkit and become more productive! This toolkit contains several resources for web content creation ( websites, blogs, content calendars, etc.)

Funnel Formulas Cheat Sheets

12 quick reference sheets covering the most powerful and effective online marketing funnels. 

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Six Minute Morning [Amazon Kindle] [PDF]

It’s a manifesto, manual, method and maybe even a movement designed to motivate and help you build momentum in creating your morning routine. It might even increase your (wo)manliness – possibly. It’s a quick read that will give you a clear strategy for turning your morning from “meh…” to magnificent.

Positive Thoughts: Overcome Negative Thinking for a Happier and Healthier Life [Amazon Kindle] [PDF]

This book will make you think about what your mind is doing – whether positive or negative – on a daily basis. At the end of each chapter are questions so that you can begin to evaluate where you are and make necessary changes. [Amazon Kindle] [PDF]

How to Be Creative: Tools and Tips to Get Inspired and Unlock Creativity[Amazon Kindle]

Not only does the author delve into the nature of creativity and how we develop ascreative beings, but you’ll also learn particular ways you can explore your own creativity. By the end of the book, you will be both inspired and challenged to use the tools and tips within the book to unlock all that is within you. [Amazon Kindle] [PDF]

Personal Empowerment Primer [ebook edition] [PDF]

This is a compiled ebook version of the 7 day personal empowerment primer course. Each chapter reviews an essential topic in personal empowerment and personal development. Additionally, you’ll find challenge exercises to complete along the way. Each lesson ties into the next. [PDF]

If you care about doing work that is meaningful and matters, you are invited to join the clan of working warriors that are crusading against cubicle complacency.

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Make. WordPress. Simple. 

A course for the creative professional that needs to get a simple, professional looking site up and running using WordPress. This course takes you step by step through the process of creating a site from scratch.

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How to Learn Anything

A 6-part series that covers the critical steps needed to hack your learning. You could spend hours sifting around different learning methods or take this straightforward course and boost your skill acquisition by 400%.

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Write a Killer LinkedIN Summary

10 part course that will guide you through what you need to write your linkedin summary for your profile. This course is broken down from a webinar I previously ran. We really dig into the specifics of writing a linkedIN summary for your profile.

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