Do you know when to STOP?

I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Keith Battle over at Zion Church. He was talking about six reflective questions for those that “got work to do”

One keyword that stuck out in my mind the most was STOP. Do you know when to take a break and just stop doing work?

Last week I was not able to get the attuning weekly out because I was sick in bed and just couldn’t get everything done. This was a time to probably stop and take a break. I felt guilty. I just battled through food poisoning and the flu, sick in bed and yet I still felt guilt for not being able to get all the work I wanted to do done. Crazy, right?

I was feeling anxiety to get my free training series over at published and available. I wanted to make sure that I could publish the official course on time.

At the same time I fell behind in marketing and was trying to play catch up. Plus a few other client things that needed to get done.

In retrospect I should have just taken a pause and rested. There are a few things I’ve reflected on in the past two weeks.

  • Just because you can be contacted by clients doesn’t mean you need to respond and do stuff immediately
  • There will always be more than enough work to do. You might as well make sure you take care of yourself.
  • Working remotely has its own set of benefits and challenges to overcome.
  • If you can’t give 100% check whether you need to take a break so that you can.
  • Get good at starting and stopping. Know when and how to do so at the right time.

Think for a minute: On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at stopping and resting from your daily work?

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