Forget about searching for your passion and mission – here’s why

Many motivational speakers and business success gurus will automatically tell you to chase your passion and have a clear mission. The truth of the matter is that only one percent of the population does something with this.

So, I say forget it. If you’re trying to do something meaningful and fulfilling, which is the real goal anyway, then it’s time to forget your passion and mission right now. Feel uneasy? Good. Read on.

The search for passion will lead to your demise

If you’re asking yourself, “am I passionate about this?” then the answer is already no. You can stop pondering. I spent years pondering what my passion was. I wanted to find the perfect sync between my passion and God’s purpose for my life. This pondering led to a long list of things that I felt I could be passionate about and wanted to capitalize on.

How do you prioritize a list of your own passions? It becomes and endless loop of questioning and pondering. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to search for that ultimate passion.

The problem with personal mission building

I used to surf over to the nightingale conant website to use their free mission statement builder. It’s a good exercise for envisioning a worthy ideal to pursue. The problem with mission building is the gap that it creates between what currently is and what could be. In a charismatic speech, this is good. For a leader, it is necessary. For getting you moving, it’s a good start, but it neglects the hard part. You still need to prepare for the blood sweat and tears that you must face.

I noticed many clients get confused

Alternative to searching for passion

Instead, focus on doing something you dislike doing really well, refine a craft and dedicate 20 hours to more in depth study. I imagine the stuff that you hate doing is one of the things you needed to make your aspiration actually happen. Through the struggle you will notice something…. you’ll see.

Josh Kaufmann has a new book coming out called The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast! [affliate link] If you can invest 20 hours in learning something deeply. At the end of 20 hours give yourself an eval.

I’m working on my ability to design learning materials from books that are already written. I hate the process of doing it, but the result feels kinda cool when someone uses it.

Alternative to mission building

Start tuning inward to your care abouts. I’m talking about your values and way of doing things. The better you understand your values and core needs, the easier it will be to define boundaries you’ll work in or succeed. Tony Robbins talks about the six core human needs in his TED talk.

Your Turn

Talk to me. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I really do understand what your talking about.I really don’t know what my true passion is in life,but,I do know what type of person I am,and,I have an idea of things that I could do and do real well in.I work as a groundskeeper at a major university and I love this type of work but it puts a damper in doing that type of work around the house and for your own enjoyment.I went to auctioneers school and I have a auctioneers license.I want to start my own auction business.I need help! Can you help me with advice within your area of expertise?

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