Welcome to the first issue of Attituning Weekly – a newsletter for people interested in personal development and location independent entrepreneurship. I’d like to start this issue off with a post that was published by Seth Godin, Half Measures. It’s really made me think as I review 2015 and start focusing on plans for 2016.

Half Measures
If you’re hungry, half a meal is better than no meal.
But if you need light, half a lightbulb is actually worse than none at all.
If you’re hoping for an 8% return on your investment, 4% is a lot better than zero.
And half a home run is worse than nothing.
We make two common mistakes:
Refusing half when it’s a whole lot better than nothing, and,
Accepting half when we’d be better off waiting for what we really need.
We are at our best when we set our standards before the offer comes, and when we don’t waver in the moment.
Think about it: Have you been waiting for something to be fully ready when half is good enough to get going? What have you been accepting half of when you should really say “not yet” until you find what you really need?

2015 Review

James Clear 2015 Annual Review

James takes a look back at his year. A good model if you are looking for a format to use for your reflection. Also, a good way to get a click link to some of his favorite work from the year.
Smart Tune I like how he has quantified a lot of what he does.
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Essentials of Zen Habits 2015

Leo captures essential happenings of 2015.
Smart Tune: Scroll down to his best of 2015 section

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The practice of year end reflection

Learned some interesting ways to review the year. I always used to go through my 15 question checklist. This year I think I will implement a few of the practices found in this piece.
Smart tune: look at your amazon purchases over the last year. are there any patterns from 2015?
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Shift Forward

Most popular resolutions for 2016

I thought everyone would set resolutions for things like losing weight, being healthier, staying in touch more, etc. The most popular resolutions might come as a surprise.
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Resolution sabotaging habits

10 things to pay attention to that may be sabotaging your resolution planning.
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6 Questions to ask to make 2016 an awesome year

I’ll make it easy for your. I’ll put the questions below. Read the entire article for more detail.
Smart tune: What should i start? What should I stop? What should I do more of? What should I do less of? What should I continue? What should I be grateful for?
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Intuition + Good Work = Success

Many people are jumping on the bandwagon of resisting the urge to set new year’s resolutions. This piece shares thoughts on trusting your intuition and doing your best work where you are.
Smart tune: trust your intuition.
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The Guiding Word

Another alternative to setting resolutions you probably won’t keep.
Smart tune: Choose a guiding word for the year. I think mine would be Systematize  What would yours be? Hit reply and tell me your guiding word for the year.
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Reading List

Can’t afford a life coach? Read these 10 books in 2016

Not everyone is ready or willing to engage a life coach (like me :). In the interim there are books, websites and newsletters (like this one 🙂 that can be leveraged. I haven’t ready any of the books on this list, but they look really interesting. I’ll have to give them a read and write up some reviews. Would you read the review?
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Happiness precedes success

Have you ever thought, “as soon as [fill in the blank] happens, I can be happy.” What if the reverse is true? Be happy on the journey
Smart tune: Celebrate small wins to fill your brain with dopamine
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10 Secrets to Momentum and Clarity

Which comes first clarity or momentum? Clarity can be a lot like inspiration, it finds you when you are working. Sitting around humming and waiting for clarity may not be the best way to find it. Start your course and clarity will come as you move.
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How to ask a client for a testimonial that sells your product for you

One of the things that I struggle with is getting a good testimonial from a client. Ideally I would like one that can be used to help convince future clients to buy, right? Start with this article to get a few strategies for getting the testimonial you want.
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When to charge by the hour

There are times when we should charge by the project. It’s mutually beneficial to get something done without being paid for the time it takes. This short piece offers some insight for when charging by the hour might be the best option.
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What a side hustle can do for your career

There are times when we should charge by the project. It’s mutually beneficial to get something done without being paid for the time it takes. This short piece offers some insight for when charging by the hour might be the best option.
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11 Content marketing challenges solved

Rather than searching the internet for answers this post will quickly answer some of the top content marketing challenges. One of my challenges was making my content more personal and being able to share more. Hence, I created a curated newsletter. I want to stay connected with you 🙂
Smart tune: hit reply and tell me what you think
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