Hanging out with Mr. Dashfire in Minnesota

Day 2 in the twin cities of Minnesota and I got the opportunity to hang out with Mr. Dashfirehttp://www.dashfirebitters.com himself. If you don’t know about Lee and you love old school cocktails, you should definitely check him out. Our time was short but we came across some excellent ventures and concepts in town.

Betty Danger’s Country Clubbettydangers.com

I believe they call it the “Mexican country club” because it has a delicious set of mexican food choices that go really well with their margaritas. I do know they serve some good food and have a unique appeal.

bettybangers-ferriswheelFor example, They have a ferris wheel! A ferris wheel that you can get on and enjoy your drinks or meals while riding. It was a great experience and we had the perfect weather.

I think I also saw a putt putt golf course. I didn’t have a good look though. A country club feel in an urban environment. That is unique.

The Food Building – foodbuilding.com

The food building was got my business mind wheels turning because they have developed on the concept of bringing the production closer to where people are. This is opposite of the position that puts production far away from cities and other people.foodbldg-mpls-salami

In the Food building they have a meat shop, bread shop and cheese shop. It did smell a little “farmish” when I entered the place, but I didn’t let that deter me.

It’s definitely worth a look if you are in town and if you like a unique food experience.

Great time. Great company. This is why I came here

This year I wanted to focus on more doing. I wanted to make sure I get myself up and living a more remote working lifestyle.

I’ve been able to migrate from Shanghai and stay in DC for a few months and visit friends in Minnesota. Next I’ll be heading back to Shanghai to meet with clients and work my way over to Osaka.

This is going to be a fun journey.


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