Stress tips you can try in the next 5 minutes ( Part II)

In a previous post I shared four stress tips that you could try within 5 minutes. In case you missed it, you might want to check out the two types of stress that you need to know. Not all stress is bad. Some stress is actually a source of inspiration and performance.  In this post I want to share a few more tips you can apply simply and quickly.

Tip #5 Play some music

Music has a powerful ability to change our vibrations significantly. In turn it influences our mood and emotion. The next time your stress levels reach their peak, make like Meredith and Christina and have a dance party with your favorite tune.

Tip #6 Practice cloud hands

One of the introductory moves in learning tai chi is cloud hands practice. It is a combination of movement and meditation in one.

Tip #7 Have a cup of tea

I’m a big fan of tea. Along with all the health benefits tea also creates the time and space needed to relax yourself and retune your mood and attitude. Additionally, it comes in many flavors and styles as well.

Tip #8 Take a walk

I know you might feel like you are wasting time if you walk away. Take a few seconds to think this through. Sitting there feeling anxious or irritated only makes you think about more anxiety and irritation.

You will actually get less done during that time. Alternatively you could take the stairs up and down three flights. Practice a breathing pattern while your walking too!

That’s it for this post. Have some stress tips to share? Let me know.

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