5 Love Languages and 5 Ideas to Supercharge Your Valentine’s Day

“We needed love before we “fell in love,” and we will need it as long as we live. ” ~ Gary Chapman

Today is Valentine’s Day.

During my morning walk I thought of simplicity; Simplicity applied to V-day. Is it possible?

The noodle shop owner in the alleyway next to my building has 6 bouquets of flowers on display. Red and White Roses. I’m guessing they are out there for profit rather than displaying a grand gesture for his wife. I could be wrong. It is a testament to the commercialization of this day.

What would it look like to keep things simple? Below I want to share a few ideas that could save you money and buy you tons of emotional creds.

Love Languages

Before you do or create anything for valentine’s day, remember to reflect and think in terms of your lover’s love language. How does he or she like to be loved. It is easy to think about what you would want as a romantic gesture. It may not be the same for your partner.

Don’t know what the love languages are? Here is a quick overview:

Everyone has a preference of how they like to give and receive love. It is our job to learn our partners love language and fill their “love tank” as Gary Chapman says. Those love preferences normally fall into one or two of five categories.

Physical Touch. Not just sex. Physical touch and presence is more than hooking up. It is about being, in proximity to the person.

Quality Time. Not just being in the same room or doing an activity together. This one is about being fully present with your partner to have some time to talk and share yourselves. Turn off those app notifications for a while.

Gift Giving. Quantity does not equal quality. This preference likes to receive tokens of affection.

Acts of Kindness. Doing something for your partner that helps them out is a way to show you love them.

Words of Appreciation. What you say and how you say it can matter. Say what you feel and share how much you love your partner.

Ideas to Supercharge

Give Memories. Create a picturebook that highlight the moments you and your lover shared together. (gift giving, quality time)

Write Rhymes. Poetry can move emotions like no other. Take some time and make the most romantic haiku or sonnet you can. (words of appreciation, gift giving, act of kindness)

Donate Time. Work is busy and spending some deep quality time together at home. Enjoy that netflix collection you already paid for and watch Love Actually. lol (quality time, acts of kindness)

Compose a Song. If you have an iPad, chances are you also have garageband. Put that music making machine to work and create something sexy and sweet. (words of appreciation, gift giving, act of kindness)

Do a dance. It might be a little embarrassing, but a little dance can go a long way. (physical touch, quality time)

Your Turn

What would you add to the list? Share in the comments.


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