What I have been up to since I returned to Shanghai

I just returned to shanghai after a month long retune in Wudang Mountain.

Without an official 9-5 job, I am often asked what I do with my time. Short answer: Helping others become more present and make their complex lives more simple.

Longer Answer (below):
I’m doing a combination of design and coaching.


Websites. I help expert professionals, small businesses and organizations simply their web design by building on wordpress. I am a big fan of using the wordpress platform to create an online base station.

Online Products. I help other coaches and professionals develop ideas and publish online products: ebooks, online courses & programs. This also includes inbound marketing strategy. At the same time I’m creating products as well. Take a look at the six minute morning as an example.

Do you need help building your website or developing an online product? Send me a message and we can chat. Twitter is a good way to find me – @parislaw or linkedin


Stress & Wellness. I help busy, overworked professionals deal with the unhealthy tension they feel in life. It might mean making a change in company. It could also mean changing the way they work in their current company.

Vision to Action. I help the young, ambitious person who has an itch to be and do extraordinary things get moving. The biggest obstacle from being extraordinary is the limitation we put on ourselves.

Want to give coaching a try? Contact me on twitter or linkedin and I’ll send you a starter questionnaire.

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