4 reasons why i forgot my new year’s resolutions.

I’ve talked to different people about their goals for the year and their life direction. Unsurprisingly, most people will give up on their new year’s resolutions by the time Chinese New Year hits ( around early February).

I’m also guilty of doing the same.

December’s holiday season invokes good feelings that motivate me to make some real, lasting change in my life. But something happened in the last few weeks that gradually dissipated my ambitions.

1. I went back to the office
The holiday time gave me a few days off to reflect and think about change. As soon as I came back to the office, I was bombarded with email follow ups and urgent requests. “Reality” snapped back in.

2. I didn’t have a short term picture
My new year’s goals were ambitious and very big changes. However, the picture of the journey was not clear enough for me to know where I should go next. I see the final result, but don’t know the components that are required.

3. I didn’t write it down
It was fun talking about what could be. Enjoying a drink with friends while sharing what will make 2013 different is fun. Without writing things down there is no way for me to remember exactly what I said. Within 48 hours. It was a skewed recollection.

4. I joked about how I had forgotten
It’s good to laugh at yourself at times. We are human after all. There should also be a time to make a serious commitment to something and hold myself accountable.

Do you still remember what your new years resolutions are? What’s your secret for reminding yourself

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