The Fundamental Option of being who I AM: Happiness Formula Part III

The final part in a series on the popular Happiness Formula. In part 1, we explored the idea of a set point and how it is possible to change certain aspects in our pursuit of happiness. In part 2, we looked at the reality of how our conditions impact our happiness. In this post, we’ll look at voluntarily choices (VC)

What is a voluntary choice?
I want to be clear about our starting definition of voluntary choices before we continue. A voluntary choice is any instance where we are able to demonstrate our will and preference to take or decided not to take action.  40% of our happiness comes from our voluntary choices. This is second to the set point. Therefore, it each choice should be carefully considered when we want to work toward being happy.

The Fundamental Option of our choices
In every moment where we make a voluntary choice, we are choosing between two fundamental options: toward our own self-development or the opposite direction. There is no in between. We can move toward making things go right with others and ourselves. We can just as equally influence people into states of conflict or war, as the Arbinger Institute would call it. Indifference is an action. Ignoring is an action. Submission is an action.

Deciding not to act
When some of my friends and I are deciding on where to eat in Shanghai, I will usually let them choose their preference. I don’t take any action to contribute in the decision-making. I am, however, making a voluntary choice not to assert my preference. This is usually because I indifferent in this particular case.

Use I AM
There is a model for manifesting the reality that you want. The I AM Model. It states that your

Intention + Attention = Manifestation

Voluntary choices are closely connected to our intention and attention.

  1. Act with intention and purpose
  2. Analyze and reflect on where you’ve been giving your attention when things seem like they are not going in the right direction.
  3. Then refocus and align.

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