Content Creation Collection Toolbox Launched!

I am pleased to be a part of the content creation collection toolbox this year. April Lemarr delivered a ton of valuable products and resources last year, and she is doing the same thing again this year.

For $27 dollars you can get about $2178 worth of digital resources for your business. This is an amazing deal that I couldn’t keep to myself. That is why I am sharing about it here.

MOST IMPORTANT: This sale ends on March 17th at Midnight EST

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What is the content creation collection?

It is a collection of content and business resources to help people save time and money. 45 different content creators and trainers have put together a bundle of products they would normally sell individually. This bundle is being sold for the price of one – $27

The bundle includes:

  • 15 Done-For-You Content Bundles ( with PLR/White-Label Rights)  & Products
  • 6 Social Media Inspiration & Quote Graphics you can share freely.
  • 12 Training Programs on how to use a tool or create content.
  • 6 DFY Low Content Products that include Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Coloring Pages
  • 6 Templates, Tools, Resources that includes Canva Templates, Plugins, Software & Personal Use Planners.

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How can this benefit you?

With a bundle like this, there are many benefits. Let me explain

Rapid Learning. You could take one or two of the training programs designed to elevate your marketing skills. For example, one program is all about using Pinterest to drive traffic.  Another training program shows you how to use MailerLite to setup your email marketing system.

Graphics and Planning Templates. For a business that wants add a little bit of design flair to resources without breaking the bank, you will probably benefit from these templates. The workbooks, planners and journals have licenses for you rebrand them and sell or share with clients.

Private Label Rights (PLR) / White Label Content. You might be wondering what this means. White label content is pre-made, done-for-you content. When you buy this PLR or white label license, you will be able to use the content in your business however you wish. This means you could:

  • Use it as part of an ebook
  • Add your own personal story and create a podcast from the text
  • Upload it to your blog and schedule posts with the topics
  • Repurpose the contents into a training program that you sell
  • And much much more…

How does this benefit the contributors?

By participating in this bundle, the contributors are getting potential new customers. After you purchase the content creation collection, you get to pick and choose which products you are interested in using and downloading. By selecting to receive their product, the contributor now knows that you are interested in this kind of content. They might continue making similar products in the future.

Do all the products have private label licenses?

No, not all the content creators are giving away this license to their customers. There are three different licenses you will see:

Personal-use license. This means you can view and use the product for yourself. You’re not allowed to use it to create a new product for clients or share any of the contents with others.

Commercial/Developers License. This license allows you to use this in your business. For example, a software could be installed on your clients system for use. Another example is using one of the templates to produce a new template for a client. You can use the contents to produce value for a client, but you can’t sell the source as your own.

Private Label/White label rights. This license allows you to claim ownership of the contents. You can post articles on your blog and say you are the owner. You rebrand the videos and make them part of your online course. You can create a mini report or ebook for website visitors to download. The possibilities are endless.

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What are some of the other products?

You could click here and see the complete details of the offer. I’ll still list some of the products to give you a preview of the value you’re getting. The price at the end is what it would normally sell for. From now til March 17th you can get all these for one price of $27.

Training Programs

Monique Solomon with Blog With Mo is offering Everything Pinterest: Your Guide for Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Blogs and Business Websites valued at $39.00

Dvorah Lansky with Share Your Brilliance is offering Enhance Your Business with Colorful Web Graphics valued at $97.00

Josie Gonzalez with Your Coaching Guide is offering Goal Setting Workshop valued at $20.00

Susan Palmquist with Budget Smart Girl is offering Content Creators Business Pack valued at 17.00

Shirley Noah with InGoodHealthCoach is offering How to Outsmart Your Stress valued at $27.00

Connie Ragen Green with Connie Ragen Green is offering the Really Simple Online Courses valued at $99.00

Gabby Conde with A Cup of Zen LLC is offering the 5 Day Use Your Content Challenge With Done-For-You Content Package valued at $47.00

Catherine Beebe with Content Accelerators is offering Create Journals & Planners with InDesign: InDesign made simple valued at $47.00

Neill MacKenzie with Neill MacKenzie is offering Repurposing PLR into over 40 products valued at $17.00

Lori R Winslow at Lori Winslow Online is offering How to Repurpose Your Low Content Resources valued at $47.00

Volker Schoenfeldt at IM TakeOff is offering Rewrite Rocket valued at $27.00

Flavio Medeiros with Side Business Launch is offering Email Marketing With MailerLite Mini-Course valued at $19.00

And some of the Tools & Templates you would get

Loy Puckett with Marketing With Loy is offering the Funnel Sleuth Download Shield Hero valued at $17.00

Dee Power with Off the Grid Productions is offering Celebrations Food PLR Package valued at $17.00

Vicki Patton with Build Your Best Year is offering Explosive Traffic Generator Template Toolkit valued at $35.00

John Smiley with Smiley Digital is offering the 10 Minute Niche Money Sites valued at $29.95

Carmen Chan with Simply Couture Designs is offering Personal Finance Planner Template {45 Pages} valued at $27.00

Stephanie Gilbert with Stephie The Happy Mom is offering My Summer Reading Journal valued at $21.00

What did I contribute?

I’m releasing a 25-article contents pack with PLR/White Label (explained above) rights. The contents are focused on 5 different topics under the personal development niche.

This personal development content bundle includes articles on:

  • Focus
  • Time Management
  • Positive Thinking
  • Morning Routines
  • Isometric Exercise

I thought this type of content pack would be useful for therapists, trainers and coaches that want to write on similar topics. It helps save time. You won’t have to think so much about topic angles. All you have to do is take the content, add your own spin and style, put in some images and publish!

Don’t hesitate if you need a content marketing boost

Like I shared in the beginning. This content bundle will close on March 17th.

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Need some help putting it all together?

Feel free to connect and I can help get you moving on setting up your online business.

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