Fail Faster and Better

When was the last time you failed at something?

Or have you settled into the safe and steady zone?

I read articles from startup ventures and entrepreneurs that talk about all the learnings that come from failures. Failure is something we rarely talk about. I mean, look at your Facebook feed for a minute. How many of those posts are about failing at something? I see tons of posts of accomplishments and milestones but not much about when someone has failed at something.

My guess at why we don’t want to talk about failure

1. an uninvited pity party may emerge

2. feelings of embarrassment may rise

3. we really want to forget about it.

The reality

We learn most when we fail at something. It becomes part of who are are on the road to success.

Others can learn from those failures. It might be time to share a little more about those downturns.

You might actually get more support and help when you let people know what is going on.

All the business books talking about failing forward. Should we do the same in our life?

What if we learned to embrace failure as a positive thing, we learn to fail faster and better. There is a thought?

Attituning: Business

Are you getting on or off the train?

An interesting short piece from Seth Godin relating marketing to a train.

via Seth Godin on Typepad

Internet marketing mistakes creatives make

I meet a lot of artists, videographers and other creative types and they ask me about getting online. Most quickly fall into the “i have a site” response. Found this nice little piece on common mistakes to avoid when getting online.


Attituning: Personal Development

What happens inside the mind of a procrastinator?

This TED talk dives into the mind of a procrastinator. I’ve been there before and battle this mindset regularly. Maybe by understanding what is going on inside we can change the result outside. You think?

via TED

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