Pancakes and Carrot Cake get in a fight

If Pancakes and Carrot Cake had a battle, who would win? If you’ve been around me the last decade you probably know that I love these two dishes with a passion. I’m on a secret mission to introduce Carrot Cake into the lives of those who never experienced its goodness before.┬áPancakes are one of my simple pleasures to enjoy with a friend and have discussions about life purpose and philosophy. I like both.

Both are sweet.

Both are filling.

Both are fattening.

Truth is I shouldn’t be eating either one. I’ve rationalized that I can enjoy on occasion if I am doing the right work with my diet and exercise. Do you have any simple pleasures?

The thing is that these two simple pleasures could be destructive or extremely motivating. It all depends on how I use them.

Do you have any pleasures in your life like that? What are they?

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