Five free tools to deal with stress today

Stress is a part of who we are. Without stress we would not be able to stretch ourselves or achieve anything that matters.
The idea of living in complete stasis with no disturbances is a myth. We need to contribute to something. We need to do something that matters to us.

There are many tools on the market that claim to help you reduce stress. Have you seen the water goggles? I’m not sure what they do.

Or what about the massage chair? That will definitely cool you down.

The truth is that you don’t need any of these things. All you really need are the God given tools that are built inside you.

The best explanation and breakdown for these tools that I have found are in Jude Bijiou’s book, Attitude Reconstruction. It has been an important work in my research on Attuning. I want to give you a quick summary of those tools below.


Emotion is part of what we feel in response to a stimulus outside of us. This tool can propel us forward or it can drag us down. It depends on how we use it. Think of Denzel Washington in Man on Fire. His emotion became a fuel for getting justice. You see this theme constantly in Steven Seagal films.
The key point is that emotion needs an outlet. This outlet can come physically or vocally. If it stays bottled up inside, it will destroy you.


Thoughts are things. They are the perspective that our conscious mind allows to fill that part of the brain behind our forehead. The interesting thing about humans is that we have the ability to override our instinctive reactions and thoughts. When we feel fear or anxiety there is an option for us to disassociate and evaluate what we want to do about it. That is an awesome thing. As far as I know other animals are not able to do this.


This is one of the trickiest tools. Accessing our intuition is simple, yet not easy. Emotion and thought can cloud our ability to listen to our intuition.


The ability speak things into existence is unique to us. “Life and death lie in the power of the tongue. Therefore, speak life!” the Bible tells us. What kind of words are you speaking on a regular basis? Did you know what we say most of the time probably has materialized into our reality? Speaking of lack brings lack. Speaking of abundance brings abundance.


The last and most physical part of our toolkit is action. What we do with the other four tools is what matters in the end. You could analyze and evaluate internally all you want. The actions you take in the end are what matter most. So do something. More importantly, do something that matters.

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