Is Amazon Affiliates Worth the Effort?

Have You Tried Amazon Affiliates?
Amazon has a program  called Amazon Associates. This program allows anyone to link to Amazon products. When a visitor clicks this link and buys something on Amazon, you get a commission.

How much is the commission?

Around 3%. This is not a lot when you compare it to other affiliate programs.

Why would I use Amazon for such a low commission?

Amazon is a major marketplace that people already trust. Most people I know have an Amazon account and feel confident when purchasing from the site. The idea of making a 3% commission on Donald Trump toilet paper doesn’t seem appealing on the surface.

However, if there is enough traffic coming to a site with the intention to buy, this can generate a lot of clicks. Additionally, the commission connection is not limited to one specific product. Once a visitor clicks through you are eligible for commissions on any other products they add to that purchase. That is where things get interesting.
WordPress Connection
I’ve seen a number of plugins developed to help make the amazon affiliate workflow even easier. Some those include

  • EasyAzon Pro [Premium]- helps create amazon affiliate links for you.
  • Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer – another linking plugin that will send your visitor to their appropriate store when they click.
  • Woo commerce Ad-ons – too many to mention. Basically add an amazon product to your store and send people to purchase on amazon.

One thing I am still investigating

I am still unsure about the privacy policy and disclosure statements that are required to be compliant.

How about you?

Have you been looking into the Amazon Affiliate program? What’s been your experience so far?

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