Voices in My Head

We all have voices in our head. Yes, even if you think you don’t – you still do. This is not the sixth sense type of voice coming from a ghost. I’m talking about the inner chatter that goes one when it is time to perform.

There has been a lot of chatter on the web, in coaching circles and meditation zones that give us strategies for quieting down the inner voices.

What if we actually need the opposite?

Rather than having less voices in our head, we actually could use some good ones. I was reading an article recently published by Eric Barker that presents evidence suggesting just that.

There are three voices we should all add in our head.

1. The Cheerleader for improved resilience

Studies have shown that using “You” yields better results than “I.” So when you get ready to perform, say “You can do this!” instead of “Yes I can.” It will give better results.

2. Ranting Genius to be smarter

This one made me second guess that guy on the corner that talks to himself. Apparently talking out loud can make you think better and remember more. In learning, The production effect shows that by speaking aloud gives a huge boost in remembering things you read.

3. Grandma for better self-esteem

Contrary to popular practice. Self esteem is not strengthened by aggressive positive self talk. What a person with low self esteem really needs is a caring, comforting voice letting them know everything is going to be alright and they are loved.

Check out Eric’s new book.

Eric barker just published his new book and it’s not a repeat from the website. There is a whole collection of new stuff in here. I picked up my copy as a pre-order. I highly recommend you grab a copy too. Barking Up the Wrong Tree. 

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