Kettle bell and Tai Chi: The business lessons I learned from both.

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” ~John Wooden

Kettle Bells. Tai Chi. They seem like two separate things. One is part of the unconventional fitness movement growing around the globe. Another is a slow, meditative practice with mysterious beginnings.

I’ve been combining the two for about 10 days now. Upon reflection,  they have taught me some interesting lessons about how to move forward with building my own coaching & digital product business. I’d like to share some of the insights:

1. Relaxed is probably right

When learning tai chi at the base of the wudang mountain, my teacher said that i should follow a relaxed and natural motion. When learning about kettle bell swinging with Habi, one of the leaders of the CoreControl Movement, he said that I should keep the shoulder relaxed and follow a natural motion.

Takeaway: Relaxed doesn’t mean lazy and inactive. It means finding your natural flow and staying in tune with it. This is something that I have added to the attuning model and process.

2. It takes time to work itself out

In both Kettle bell and tai chi workouts, you must practice consistently for a certain amount of time. The kinks and blocks will work themselves out. Usually this will take the form of some pain or strain. Your body will adjust if you are dong the third lesson.

Takeaway: Take note of the the pain and strain you are feeling. It’s not just there to make you feel bad. It could be there to make you more aware of a shift you need to make. Sometimes it might just mean you need to work harder and get stronger. Wisdom is what helps you know whether to push through or adjust.

3. Focus leads to improvement

When swinging the kettle bell I must focus. When doing tai chi I must focus. There are 3 things that need to be focused: Body, Breath and Mind. Sure, you could do the exercise without focus, but the gains would be a lot less. It would also increase the likelihood of injury while doing it.

Takeaway: Find what it takes for you to get focused and to remain focused. You are much more productive when you focus on the task at hand while you are doing. We’ve seen a multitude of books on the topic of focus and the inner games that disrupt that. Focusing is like a muscle that needs development and growth.

There are reminders all around us, in everything we do . These three lessons are just the beginning. I expect more to emerge as I continue practicing and trying new things.

Your Turn

Have you tried swinging a kettle bell? Go try it this week. Even better, use it as part of your six minute morning routine.

Never tried Tai Chi? There are a ton of youtube videos available that can get you started. I personally do the Wudang Taiji 13 form.

Do you have any exercises or activities that have yielded powerful business lessons for you? Tell me about it.

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