Watch me work – my first linkedin summary rewrite

A few days ago I outlined an attack plan for mastering linkedin. As an educator and coach this is an important topic for those planning to build and attract an audience online. Myself included.

One of the most critical areas of the profile is the summary. This is the place where visitors may decide if they want to read more or click the next button.

Today is part I of diving into the linkedin summary. I am following the 4 C’s of writing a super linkedin profile. You can look at how I got there by downloading a copy of the presentation and worksheet that I’m working on.

My starting point

I’m an energetic positive change agent and success coach. I’ve dedicated my life to the study of human potential, and the extraordinary results that come with it. You’ll often find me advocating subjects around philosophy, learning, technology and social media.

Current Research:

Morning Routines and Habit Change

Core Skills for First time and Middle Level Managers

Areas of Experience :


Learning Design and Development


Employee Engagement

Team Development & Growth


Internet Marketing (SEO Management), Social Media for Business, Coaching, Process Consulting, Ethics (Community and Business), Community Mediation, Higher Education Student Affairs, Adult Learning Design and Delivery, Blended Learning Systems, Learning Manangement System Selection and Implementation, Technical Training, Public Speaking, Coaching, Business Start-up planning, Career Path Planning, TESOL

Here is the first draft:

I never thought about wanting to be an educator. It chose me.

For over a decade I have studied human potential and leadership. With every project and job that I take on I have applied the core principles learned. My passion is to empower those around me to do the same.

People say that I am a “creative leader” and “out-of-the-box thinker” who “can see your company’s vision, connect with it and take it and project’s he is responsible for to the next level of optimal performance.”

Who I work with:  

Freelancers and Entrepreneurs – would you like to build your brands influence, impact and income? I can help create and launch digital products that can produce results and build credibility.  

Marketing Managers & Directors – how is the creativity in your team? Could it be better? I can help reinvigorate your team’s passion and commitment to the vision while equipping them with tools to raise their creative thinking.

Job Shifters – Are you still staring at the corners of your cubicle wondering what you are doing with your life? Feel like you are just going through the motions? Is it really your job or is it you? I can help you understand where the feeling is coming from and get clear about what to do next.

I’m going to do a couple more rewrites to play around with the language and content. Is it an improvement so far?

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